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Afghanistan Connections
Our own Cannon Falls students have put together this great website!


The Oakland Institute
Isa non-partisan think tank utilizing research, analysis and advocacy topromote and ensure public participation and fair debate on criticaleconomic and social policy issues that affect
peoples' lives


FrancesMoore Lapp and Anna Lapp founded the Small Planet Institute to bring tolight the emergence of living democracy, a rewarding, inclusive,learned practice that creates communities that work for all. On everycontinent, people are bringing this democracy to life by discoveringtheir power to act on their values. At the Institute we further thishistoric transition
through books, articles, speeches, and other media

Heifer'smission to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth couldn't beimplemented without our dedicated field staff. These men and womenoversee the delivery of livestock, train recipients in agroecology andanimal care and ensure that participants understand and fulfill Heifer'sunique Passing on the Gift requirement.
isa principal online destination for people interested in dismantlingbigotry and creating, in hates stead, communities that value diversity.(Read more about how we define tolerance.)

Committed to creating long-lasting solutions to global hunger, poverty, and social injustice with education and action.

Genocidein Dar fur, Green bracelets raise awareness about the suffering ofmillions of innocent people in the Dar fur region of Sudan.

ONE Campaign to make poverty history
WEBELIEVE that in the best American tradition of helping others helpthemselves, now is the time to join with other countries in a historicpact for compassion and justice to help the poorest people of the worldovercome AIDS and extreme poverty. WE RECOGNIZE that a pact includingsuch measures as fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption anddirecting additional resources for basic needs education, health, cleanwater, food, and care for orphans would transform the futures and hopesof an entire generation in the poorest countries, at a cost equal tojust one percent more of the US budget. WE COMMIT ourselves - oneperson, one voice, one vote at a time - to make a better, safer worldfor all.

WFP Foodforce

RACE-Are we so different?
A Project of the American Anthropological Association

Internationalmicro-finance, a non profit called Kiva allows anyone with a littlemoney to help needy businessmen and women in developing countries.

National Marrow Donor Program
If you would like to be on the list to be a Marrow donor this is the place to start.

Free Rice
practice your vocabulary while donating grains of rice.

Women for Women International
Womenfor Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strifeand other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis andpoverty to stability and self-sufficiency,
thereby promoting viable civil societies

Living Wage Calculator
Inmany American communities, families working in low-wage jobs makeinsufficient income to live locally given the local cost of living.Recently, in a number of high-cost communities, community organizers andcitizens have successfully argued that the prevailing wage offered bythe public sector and key businesses should reflect a wage rate requiredto meet minimum standards of living. Therefore we have developed aliving wage calculator to estimate the cost of living in your communityor region. The calculator lists typical expenses, the living wage andtypical wages for the selected location.

WORLD DIGITAL LIBRARY library seeks to display and explain the relics of all humancultures, excellent primary sources for reports and research.


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